What We Do

Software implementation/upgrades

Whether your organization is new to Facets or is planning an upgrade to a newer version, we've "been there and done that." We'll steer you around the common pitfalls and help you achieve an on-time and uneventful go-live.

Functional gap analysis/remediation

No software package can address 100% of a customer's needs. We'll review your inventory of functional gaps and recommend an approach to bridge each gap, resulting in a solution that addresses the business requirements that differentiate your organization from your competitors.

Custom application architecture, design and development

From requirements-gathering through deployment, Dave Siegel Consulting can support your application development efforts through all SDLC phases.

Data conversion

Membership, providers, claims, pre-authorizations/referrals, pricing/fee schedules, premium rate data, etc.

Data imports/exports

Every payer organization maintains multiple import and export processes to support exchange of data with employer groups, PBM's, credentialing organizations, and other business entities as well as with other internal systems. Ask about our approach to consolidating these many processes, ultimately reducing operational complexity and freeing up valuable time in your batch window.

Custom batch processes

The Facets batch architecture is powerful, flexible and extensible. Dave Siegel Consulting can help you to leverage your in-house Facets operational expertise by developing custom jobs within the Facets batch framework, resulting in jobs with an operational "look & feel" identical to standard Facets batch processes.

Facets extensions

The Facets extensibility interfaces are powerful tools for customizing Facets and integrating it into your enterprise, but can be challenging to navigate and leverage effectively. Dave Siegel Consulting brings 20 years of experience designing and building Facets extensions to the table.

FXI-based applications

The Facets Extended Integration / Open Access toolset brings world-class integration capabilities to the Facets platform. Let us help you maximize the value of your investment in FXI. We'll train your team in the use of this powerful technology suite, design an approach to address your unique integration needs, or deliver an end-to-end solution.


Let us help you design and build your own solutions. We'll bring your developers up to speed in building applications that integrate tightly and seamlessly with Facets.

Code review and assessment

Let Dave Siegel Consulting review your existing codebase. We'll help you find ways to reduce defects, improve consistency, increase reuse, and speed time to deployment.